Conference and Training Room Rental

Conference Room Rental

Daily rental rate is $75 and hourly rental rate is $20

Training Room Rental

Daily rental rate is $125/day and hourly rental rate is $30

B-Side Conference Room Rental

Daily rental rate is $125/day and hourly rental rate is $30

Office Rental

Includes: 24/7 access, Wi-Fi, free coffee, mandatory quarterly review meetings, monthly seminar, shared receptionist.

Pricing: $540 - $620

Mailbox Services

Free Consulting Services

Conference Room and Training Room Usage

Additional Office Rental Options

Daily Rates

Daily office rental pricing is $85

Hourly Rates

Hourly office rental pricing is $20/hr

Co-Working // Drop-in


Monday - Thursday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Friday: 9:00am-12:00pm

Price: $15/day


Free Coffee

Nondedicated seating

Additional Co-Working Options

Special Guest | $50/month

Four days of co-working per month, Wi-Fi, free coffee, nondedicated seating

Dedicated Co-Working Space | $300/month

Your own desk or shared office, locked file cabinet or locker 24/7 access, two hours conference room usage a month, and discounted seminars.
*Limited to 7 members

Unlimited | $200/month

Unlimited access during co-working hours, Wi-Fi, free coffee, nondedicated seating

Drop-in | $15/day

Wi-Fi, free coffee, nondedicated seating

Virtual Membership

Discounted conference room usage, discounted training room usage, discounted seminars. *Limited to 15 members


Mailbox services

1 hour of consultation monthly*

8 hours nondedicated co-working*

Mailbox Rental

Mailbox rental monthly pricing $30 for small and $40 for medium size mailbox.

We will sign for packages
Packages mailed to the Women's Business Center, will be signed on your behalf.

Locker Rental

Locker rental rates are $25 per month and the daily rate of a locker is $5/day.



Event Space/Meeting Area (B-Side)

Meeting space area for workshops and events:



Women's Business Center RVA

** Requires a background and credit check. ***Time not used does not rollover or accumulate but can be used in 30 minute increments. ****Additional fees apply for after hours or weekend events to include staff expenses of $15/hr.


Media lab can be booked for day co-working, or as an office member you can book the media lab to work from. Media lab includes PC, display screen, webcam, microphone, and more.



Next Steps...

Yes, these really are our prices.  No gimmicks we simply want to help you and your business prosper and so we offer all that we can to make that happen.  So, make the call that will make the difference in your life.  Call us...we're waiting (unless it's after hours that is).