Merry Birthday…Are You Brave Update

Merry Birthday…Are You Brave Update

Merry Birthday

Merry Birthday to us, as our doors at the Women’s Business Center RVA have been open for almost 1 whole year. This amazing feat currently has me sitting in the dark with laptop appropriately in my lap revisiting old blog posts and the path that led to this spectacular place.

As Aldous Huxley put it, it’s a Brave New World.  December 23rd, 2015 I quit my guaranteed paycheck and job as the Assistant Director at BizWorks a local small business incubator to do my business 2nd Chance Consulting full time.  

Freudian Fraudulance

While at BizWorks I was quite successful at it each new day I began to feel a bit of a fraud.  A very frustrated, irritated fraud.  Every day I got to help entrepreneurs navigate the treacheorous, yet invigorating, waters of owning their own business and they flourished or flopped accordingly.

I on the other hand only got to do MY business on Fridays when I was not in the office, at the crack of dawn (literally 2am) and the weekends.  Watching others utilize my advise to bring their business success felt void when I myself had become an employee.  

Time For Change

So, while my beloved BizWorks was embarking on changes anyway it seemed, correction it was, the right time to embark on my own adventure.  So here I am.  February 1, 2016 was Relaunch Day AKA my Merry Birthday of all holidays wrapped in to one.  Second Chance Consulting is fully back in the saddle again.

I have shown myself foolish enough and brave enough to command my own destiny and not as a preconceived embryo (read the book sorry it’s 2016 read the Spark Notes or watch Divergent – it was close enough) but as the Master of my own fate.  Feel free to join me for the journey… or are you brave enough? 

Brave Is The New Black

That journey in to a Brave New World has been a roller coaster that provides thrilling times of holding on tight, screaming, smiling and getting on and off. But unlike a roller coaster the trip hasn’t always been defined and indeed that is part of the nerve wracking thrill.

YOU get to decide what your next turn looks like. Do you back away? Do you plow forward? Whatever you do…Decide To Be BRAVE!!!

Live Better! Do Better! Be Better! and Happy Entrepreneuring from Shirley

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